Café Vivaldi

21 cafés across the country serves an incredible product that we have helped to develop

Café Vivaldi

Probably the largest and most successful Danish café-group felt a strong need to raise their level to differentiate themselves from competitors. There was a great focus on adapting their cocktails to their supplier portfolio and apply a cost-effektive system for the produce. This gave us a very specific scope to work from. We are really proud that their soon to open 21 cafes across the country now serve a incredible product that we developed.


With a large selection of price-friendly cafes, Vivaldi evaluated it was time to set a clear standard and distance themselves from similar concepts. With a great deal of effort on the food, CCA came onboard through our collaboration with Oscar Davidsen and we were given the opportunity to be cocktail consultants. Simple, delicious cocktails had to be made, and they should fit the food, not be too expensive and be from a particular supplier. So rather limited, however, a fun challenge.


It was very important to get a clear overview of who should be responsible for getting the cocktails implemented at all the cafés, as we, as external poeple, needed to find the most efficient model. We trained and understood the whole service procedure in order to understand them, so we should educate and show how advanced we could afford to be with the menu.


Max. 4 ingredients per cocktail, drinks that could be built or blended and a very effective training with the person in charge of how to train his/hers staff in speed and quality. We got the menu implemented in record time and we did the exercise in Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen, respectively. And just in time Vivaldi opens another huge café where we can enjoy the quality that now represent their beverage program.

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