á terre

Decadent French cuisine meets Asian craftsmanship


One of Denmark’s most accomplished chefs, Yves Le Lay, was in the search of a supplier who could graphically interpret his father’s handwriting. On paper a very simple task, but let’s just say that Yves’ father had a somewhat signature handwriting. Inevitably, it also lead to an in-depth talk about how we could contribute with cocktails to which the answer was Indochina – and that was a awesome challenge.


We met Yves at his cuisine-enchanting spell in the kitchen at Restaurant Nærvær. So when he left to embark on his own business that meeting became the natural talking point to how we could assist him on á terre. Over a good cup of coffee, Yves explained and communicated his goals with the restaurant, and especially what his father meant to him and his brother Kasper, with whom he was to own the restaurant. This was the perfect starting point for us to get busy


We promised that we would come up with a cocktail that was easy to handle and where we could put our mark on the place. Our main task was to get Yves father’s handwriting into the logo, and then we developed a welcome cocktail that should have the best of Indochina and feel like France – just like the food menu. We may have been lucky, because both things were approved after the 2nd and 1st attempt respectively. While we can in no way take credit for the food, every time we visit Yves and his amazing team, we consider ourselves as a part of the team and we that feeling is really, really good.

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