Blue Taco

Perfect launch of their 3rd restaurant in Lyngby - introducing cocktails to tacos.

Blue Taco

Mexican cocktails mean Tequila and Mezcal and it was exactly what we got when opening our 3rd restaurant in Lyngby, CCA delighted our guests with exotic creations that were enjoyed together with a lot of delicious specialties, including our signature Tacos made on blue corn.


Get the Danes to love Tequila and Mezcal through Tacos and Mexican specialties and emphasising the blue corn. Unite great Mexican food culture with delicious cocktails. On the paper a simple task, but most have a special memory or two when it comes to Tequila. CCA had to do this in a simple manner and make people fall in love with Tequila all over again.


It was crucial that CCA did not apply too much nerdy stuff on the menu, so we had to understand the staff group that was supposed to sell these cocktails, this was a challenge, in particular because most only spoke Spanish and still worked on coping with the Danish culture. The owner who speaks both Danish and Spanish made a marked difference, and we found the right model. We also found that Blue Taco had not previously sold alcohol, so there was room to also include beer and other base spirits.


We delimited ourselves to Margaritas, a classic cocktail most people know. We couldn’t list too many different drinks as it would confuse the guest and that was the right way to go. Everyone understood the menu, and the art was to use the right ingredients that suited the concept and related to the food part. Another and very important criteria was that the tequila and mezcal we used had to premium and as a result we created some new and tasty memories instead.

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