Magasasa Dim Sum & Cocktails

The guests loved it - and still do

Magasasa Dim Sum & Cocktails

In Kødbyen there is an authentic Chinese restaurant that sells good quality at extremely good prices. All the cocktails that were developed should be based on Chinese ingredients, and it was a challenge we still look back on with a smile for the guests they loved – and still do.


Chinese were not just known for their cocktails as opposed to dumplings, spring rolls and Dim Sum especially. CCA’s task was simply to help organize the bar, develop a Chinese cocktail card and help find bartenders.


The Chinese have a very special way of doing business, and it was important that we understood the joke and that communication was communicated with a certain awe. Chinese food culture is relatively separate from other oriental cuisines, so it was a long journey into new flavors, ingredients and culture that laid the foundation for the creative process of cocktails. Then, in the best possible way, we had to visualize that there were Chinese cocktails, so we had to find out and make the right “perfect serves”.


Local Chinese produce, spirits and Chinese bowls, tiki mugs and cups that gave the guest a very authentic impression. We got nice pictures that could be inserted in the menu in the best Chinese way, we also made the name for the official opening in 2015, we are really happy that the menu has not been necessary to replace and that it can still be tasted . We have also helped with staff training, dealership deals on special products and adjusting the menu.

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