Manons Les Suites

The mission succeeded, and today Manons Les Suites is one of Copenhagen's coolest hotels.

Manons Les Suites

When Guldsmeden Hotels were to open their 7th hotel in a series that counts today 13. CCA was able to put their mark on developing a 99% organic cocktail card and putting and training an ambitious, young and energetic team. The mission succeeded, and today Manons Les Suites is one of Copenhagen’s coolest hotels.


Get the organic spirit into a tropical cocktail concept and get the team to hit the special service delivery that characterizes Guldsmeden Hotels. In addition, there must be a thorough plan for the types to be employed, and you must take responsibility for ensuring that the whole opening is a success. CCA got a very clear, but also a demanding task description, and it was the start of an intense but very exciting period.


Guldsmeden has hotels in both Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Germany and France, common to all of them is that they are inspired by their hotel in Bali, and precisely here the organic, the sustainable, the floral and tropical play a significant role. Manon’s Les Suites should literally be Bali on Danish soil, and this became our parameter for our work.


The cocktail world is kindly set when it comes to sun and beach, so we quickly navigated us to the cocktails that would suit the place best. The actual shaping of their team became a different hard task, when you have to capture a certain mentality so that puts great demands on the job interviews to be made and who you bring in for conversation. CCA presumed to have an international team on their legs, it was also for our part back-to-basics so we could shape them to the very special Goldsmith spirit.

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