Oskar Davidsen

Innovations on guest experiences and pure quality inside the glass.

Oskar Davidsen

One of the country’s largest suppliers of wine and spirits needed a partner who could handle professional and quality training of spirits, cocktails and storytelling Running on the 4th year now, numerous of industry professionals now have more ideas for memorable guest experiences and something tasty in their glass.


Oscar Davidsen needed a go-to solution to get their customers to use their products on a wider scale and appreciate quality spirits. This required a broad knowledge dashboard that could easily be presented to even the most inexperienced servant, bartender or service employee.


We were presented with the big product catalog and from that point it was diligently reading through the portfolio, and include it to our vast knowledge of the different spirits categories. Then we had to tailor PDF-presentations and materials that could be easily translated from theory to practical methods and include all levels of staff. We were then presented with the key accounts that were crucial for Oscar Davidsen’s success with us on board and our main focus to be able to strengthen and maintain the cooperation with.


We got a clear 5-step training plans that could be adapted to the individual accounts and we used materials that directly created value for Oscar Davidsen’s product portfolio. We also ensured to implement their products on the individual menu of the places we visited, and today our programs have made the customers realise the advantage of using Oscar Davidsen as a supplier, and we are quite pleased with that.

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