We are, and have been, extremely happy about the collaboration.


In connection with the opening of Restaurant Silo, we have used the Cocktail Academy, to assist both on spirits, cocktails, decor of the bar and in general terms to ensure that we got it just we had wanted us. We are, and have been, extremely happy about the collaboration, and from here we have to make the warmest recommendations.

Michael Rønnebæk-Rørth


Michael Rønnebæk-Rørth would revive the old grain silo which was now to be inaugurated as apartments with a top-level restaurant on the top. Our task was to make the classic cocktails modern again, have the bar decorated so that it could serve all kinds of guests functionally and efficiently, and to make SILOEN an attractive place for a skilled bartender to work.


The Silo, which the project was presented, had to capture an international mood. The goal was to give the guest an experience of entering an atmosphere of international character. In addition, it was important that you got the simplified selection of spirits, had a menu that was easy to run and produce, and not least the level should fit the staff group. We propose to gain insight into the design of the bar, so that this could be in line with the challenge, and then the big task was to adapt everything so that we kept the budget intact.


We got an extra station in the bar, so that 2 bartenders could work against the original thought of 1, it was known to be paramount since the restaurant has been filled ever since the opening in 2017. Together with the restaurant manager we developed PRMs (picture-recipe- method), so we could make too much waste of time with training, as this tool made it easy and easy for anyone to enter the bar and make all the cocktails. We also assisted in the opening season with a lot of extra staff so the restaurant kept the level down. The Silo is still one of the most ambitious and exciting projects we have been involved in, and seeing their numbers have had a decisive effect as part of our contribution has been worth the entire journey.

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