Massive high-five and recommendations for the next customer.


When we were to roll the heavy campaign off Snaps Bornholm, Copenhagen Cocktail Academy assisted both graphic, visual and cocktail parameters, which not only met our expectations, but certainly also exceeded them! fight high-five and recommendations for the next customer.

Simon Lorentzo Jensen


5 childhood friends had developed a sublime product. They needed a sparring partner who could convey the current snap category in cocktails, and this was definitely a task we’d rather than bid on. In addition, they should penetrate a very unfair on-trade market and find their place on the off-trade shelf, this required a lot of assistance with event settlement, and not least access to our knowledge of the industry and the demanding bartender.


In order to make Snaps Bornholm appear professional and good craftsmanship, we emphasized getting the good story conveyed to the consumer. Next, it was extremely important that the recipes we developed approached very broadly and could both be used in the private home as well as in a delicious cocktail bar, we should shoot with spreading hooks so to speak. We did a thorough analysis of the product range, and we were quite privileged that the product was really great, this made the task very interesting.


To get as much activation on the product as possible we made 2 cocktails per. snaps, respectively. a light and a heavy one, and got it presented in a nice pamphlet that could accompany any purchase of gift boxes. We got the Bornholm essence in the pictures, and found ingredients that could tell a wide story about the small gourmet island which also counts everything from beer to confectionery and good pizza bakers, so the Danes together with Snaps Bornholm and CCA could take snaps back, and today Snaps Bornholm bottom is established and enjoys the fact that this year we actually present version 2.0 which also has recipes with their new organic vodka.

Drinksfolderen som den endte med at se ud, og der er sidenhen blevet langet en masse cocktails og snap over disken.

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