Through one of our partners letstend.dk, CCA was given the opportunity to participate in the upcoming World Cup in 2017 which the team behind Let’s Tend had been granted in Tokyo the year before. CCA’s mission was to ensure that all participants, sponsors and visitors would have a quality experience and that we would act as co-organizers and advisors on the efforts to promote the competition, which also included trade shows, pop-up bars and the Danish championships.


The biggest obstacle we encountered was that unfortunately we were involved at a time where the project was way behind schedule, this greatly hampered the marketing of the project, and to a degree diminished the effect we could apply with our competencies. We were given the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the board of the international bartender’s organization (IBA), co-plan with the Danish Bartending Association (DBL) and help Lets Tend with the logistics, staffing and handling of the competition. Through this insight, we were able to bring together all the parties involved to make sure we could get everything in place.


Together with the agency that marketed the competition N’fellows (nfellows.dk), we created a concept called Cocktailors where we planned pop-up bars where guests could get a personalized cocktail in which they could redeem on the competition site. In addition, 10 sponsorship agreements were concluded that helped finance the competition, and we mobilized our teams so that everything was ready for both the World Cup and the Danish finals. Along the way, it required that we took over the management of the Danish Bartending Associatio (bartenderen.dk), which has since undergone a successful reconstruction. The competition format presented by Let’s Tend in Øksnehallen in 2017 with us on the sidelines became the preferred setup for the World Cup in Tallinn, 2018, a competition we were lucky to experience. Bonus info: Damiano Pezzi from Denmark, won the competition for the world’s best Long drink, and was just 1 point short from the overall Championship prize as the World’s Best Bartender 2017.

In this video Damiano is fighting for glory in the Super Final, he managed to get 2. place, well done.

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