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our history

Since the beginning of 2011, we have been at the forefront of all the great new things to see the light of day.

Over the years, we have developed the business continuously, and at the same time assisted the big players in all areas of the hospitality industry to benefit from our service, and that is why we are still hungry for more, bigger and more comprehensive tasks.

We have achieved our ideal company profile and we are extremely proud of what we have accomplished so far. Humbly we enter the future in the hope of helping anyone who wants happy customers, guests and employees and thus create value for their business and their growth margin.

Mission & vision

Our mission is to be the global go-to cocktail and hospitality agency when it comes to quality service delivery. We do things passionate and professionally.

The vision is to become the largest, most creative and most well-organized supplier of event experiences involving cocktails, spirits and wine and further develop, enhance and act as market leader of hospitality consulting.

who we are?

We are the ones who help the event manager, the product to be introduced to the market, the restaurateur or the hotel owner who will increase his turnover, the bartender who has to develop the next big thing, and the bride who must have the perfect wedding. Streamlined products and services thats is delivered with a huge smile.

In short – we want to be the best of the best, and we will bring our clients along. Everything we have touched has had a decisive and measurable success. What you get is creating your or your dreams, we are here to make the impossible possible, and we make it flexible, easy and straightforward. Your imagination starts the process, our creativity completes it.

Welcome to Copenhagen Cocktail Academy


Meet The Team

Meet our amazing team

Jannick Gram

Managing Partner

Antonio Oliveira

Senior Consultant

Frederik Jeppesen

Research & Development

Christopher Giversen

Event Coordinater

Christopher "Flip" Egebjerg

Arts & Entertaiment

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