An event is not booked until Copenhagen Cocktail Academy has received a written approval of the offer and subsequently a written approval of the submitted confirmation.


Is the Customer the reason why the event cannot start at the agreed time, is Copenhagen Cocktail Academy entitled to full payment and Customer is also not entitled to compensation.

Payment terms

50% of the total amount is payable at the conclusion of the agreement. The remaining 50% and any additional approved additions will be paid no later than 8 days after the event date. Invoices are sent from our bookkeeping for this.


In case of cancellation of the event after the agreement has been concluded, up to 12 weeks before the date of event holding, 15% of the total contract amount is billed to cover project hours and administration. In the event of a total or partial cancellation of a confirmed event later than 12 weeks before the date of event scheduled settlement, the deposit will not be refunded. The full amount paid is withheld. Upon full or partial cancellation of the event later than 4 weeks before the scheduled settlement date, the deposit paid is not refunded and the full amount of the agreement is invoiced.

Extraordinary expenses in connection with broken glass and / or equipment

If, as a result of the guests’ negligence or intentional conduct, damage is done to a greater extent on Copenhagen Cocktail Academy’s equipment, the organizer will be held responsible for this and will subsequently be billed for destruction. or damaged glass and equipment. A possible compensation case will be Copenhagen Cocktail Academy unauthorized. With greater damage is meant damaged or damaged glass or equipment at a value that exceeds 2% of the total contract sum or 200 DKK. The organizer must be made aware of the damage and the subsequent extra invoicing, no later than immediately after the event.

Responsibility for premises

Copenhagen Cocktail Academy cannot be held liable for damaged floors, walls or furniture, as a result of spilled cocktails, beer or ingredients. It is the organizer’s responsibility to take this into account in connection with the instruction of the bar and the party’s location.

Kitchen facilities

If possible, kitchen facilities must be provided, which gives Copenhagen Cocktail Academy the opportunity to continuously and finally, clean and package brought equipment and glass. If this is not possible, Copenhagen Cocktail Academy must be aware of this, and an extra expense for the event can be expected to be included in the price.

Floor service

Copenhagen Cocktail Academy is happy to provide staff for cleaning and washing dishes during the event. This is settled in addition to the stated price for the cocktail event Unless otherwise agreed, it is the organizer’s responsibility to arrange for staff to take care of these tasks. If this is not anticipated, Copenhagen Cocktail Academy may demand payment for export of this work subsequently.


Depending on desired service other terms and conditions can be applied